Nathalie is currently training with Helena Walsh (Fitzmaurice Voicework).

CV on Spotlight: 3971-4534-5791 ¦  Profile on Fishpond

Product Demo (French), SnagIt
Educational Video, World Food Programme, United Nations
TV Commercial, St Dalfour Preserves, UTV, Mark Smyth
Corporate Video, FeXco (French), Shane Kavanagh
Audio Drama, The Newsies, Dir. Faith Miller: Supporting (Medda Larkson)

Voice Over Representation (Ireland / U.K) : Deborah at Voicebank
☏ +353 (0)1 235 0838
☒ info@voicebank.ie

Voice Reels:

English Voice Reel 2016 
French (Neutral) 2016 
French (Warm) 2016 
French Samples 2016 


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