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‘A Dangerous Fortune’ ¦ Dir. Christian Schwochow ¦ Constantin Films
‘Great British Castles’ ¦ Dir. Maurice Sweeney ¦ Sideline Productions

‘The Lonely Luchador’ ¦ Head Above Water ¦ Smock Alley Theatre
‘Butterflies & Moths’ ¦ Blacklight Productions ¦ Smock Alley Theatre
‘Life on Earth’ ¦ Down to Earth ¦ Touring
‘Hound’s Hotel’ ¦ Head Above Water ¦ Galway Fringe Festival
‘Hound’s Hotel’ ¦ Head Above Water ¦ Smock Alley Theatre
‘Anonymous’ ¦ Purple Hare ¦ The International
‘The Sadness of the Little Sparrow’ ¦ Purple Hare ¦ Smock Alley Theatre
‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’ ¦ La Touche Player ¦ Theatre@36
‘Yerma’ ¦ The Lir Ensemble ¦ The Lir Theatre
‘Beings of the Other World’ ¦ Helena Byrne ¦ Christchurch Crypt

‘Lasting Impression’ ¦ Dir. Andy Griffith ¦ Lead
‘I Am Me’ ¦ Dir. Cody Sullivan (Alliance Productions) ¦ Supporting 
‘The Other Side’ ¦ Dir. Brendan Dunne ¦ Lead
‘Come Fly With Me’ ¦ Dublin Filmmakers Collective ¦ Lead
‘How Was Your Day?’ ¦ Dir. Damien O’Donnell (Suitable Films) ¦ Featured
‘Make My Day’ ¦ Dir. Karine Dalsin ¦ Lead
‘Dad of the Dead’ ¦ Dir. Graeme Kilcommins ¦ Lead
‘Mammy’s Boy’ ¦ Dir. Colm Burke ¦ Lead
‘The Picnic’ ¦ Dir. Ciaran Creagh (Underground Studios) ¦ Featured
‘Misery Lives’ ¦ Dir. Martin Kennedy ¦ Lead

World Rugby ¦ Global Anti-Doping Campaign ¦ Lead ( The Expert)
S01E07 ‘Little Things’, Dir. Angel Croitor ¦ Krypt Tapes Media ¦ Lead

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